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As Maria approached age 50, passionately pursuing her vocation in policing, and serving as a senior leader for over 17 years, she was faced with a series of escalating physical and mental health symptoms that threatened to end her career prematurely.  Faced with ever increasing obesity, diagnosed with a second DVT [deep vein thrombosis] in July 2020, followed soon after by the onset of a severe ECG condition, things were cumulating to compound the already acute perimenopausal stress and emotional breakdowns she was experiencing.  By October 2020 she faced complete burnout and found herself unable to continue doing her job.

Having never previously suffered with any significant mental health challenges, she found herself adrift with no anchor or navigation system to follow.  Once an exceptionally capable, energetic, extroverted and highly motivated individual, she felt as though she had lost all capability and was left with limited mental and emotional resilience; she could not even see herself returning to her senior policing role and sought pension advice on the implications of retiring early.  Her dream of completing her 30 years of service with pride and a sense of fulfilling her potential appeared dashed, as she resigned herself to the priority at hand - taking care of the basics to make some kind of recovery….

Would her strategy and tactics for self care be enough for her to return to her full time role? Could she reverse the diagnosed heart irregularity without medical intervention? Would she be able to maintain her physical and mental health if she returned to work? Could she manage intensely stressful work demands again and press on towards another promotion?


This book tells the true story of how she turned her physical and mental health adversity on its head to become the healthiest, fittest, strongest and leanest version of herself in adulthood.  She shares candidly and courageously all factors leading to her burnout, interweaving science and her own lived experience to provide you with practical tools to take control of your own health, for prevention as well as cure.

Using Lumen to hack her metabolism, and pursuing an alcohol free lifestyle prove to be crucial components in her full recovery, health transformation and subsequent successful career progression.  This book will inspire and motivate you to make better choices with regards to your own health and wellbeing, providing a road map for good health choices which will  provide strong foundations for success in all other areas of your life.

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