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Gut microbiome, supplements and tests

1. Ensure you are taking a good probiotic - it is likely to be fairly expensive if it is any good. You will need to research this. I take a supplement from the same company I buy my supply of probiotics and many other supplements from a company in the USA -; the probiotic I used is their Pro X10 []. Gut health can be the main barrier to some people’s ability to lose weight -If you have too many unfriendly bacteria in your gut you won’t be absorbing nutrients properly and will cause your mitochondria to be inefficient which will prevent you from losing stored fat. 

Check out healthpath.comin the UK to get yourself tested or follow Dr Gerard Mullins’ Gut Balance Revolution [his book is available on amazon and his nutrition plan is contained in the book].  He details a nutrition plan for 3 months to adjust your gut back into a better place. 

Image by Alicia Petresc
Stomach Pain

2. Make sure you also cover the bases with your Vitamins and minerals but find one without lots of fillers. [I take Omega 3 / Krill oil supplement, Turmeric]. do a good range including a natural sleep zen zee supplement; I use their turmeric, omega krill, PRO X10, Ageless Immunity [Vitamin C Plus], and Sol Joy [Vitamin D3 and K] 


3. If you are peri menopausal/ through menopause but are finding deficiency in hormone levels impacting so many areas of your life, consider HRT and if your GP is a barrier to providing adequate support check out Newson Health based in Stratford Upon Avon but able to undertake appointments “virtually”. Amazing Drs, nurses and practitioners which give you access to the help that you need.   Also here is a link to their Balance website with tools and resources.

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