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Image by Jonathan Borba

1. Mix your workouts up - High Intensity Interval training is good for fat loss but the impact is often afterwards vs during the exercise. 6 months in now I only do 1 HIIT session a week or more intense 80% plus on my heart rate, the rest of the time I do low intensity zone 1 & 2 work over a longer period. So 2/3 x 90 minute outdoor rides or indoor with average HR no higher than 119 [should be able to speak] - If you are going to do HIIT, probably only 2-3 x 30 mins per week max.


2.Walking - you are most likely to be in zone 1 but I have found 4+ mile walks have really accelerated my weight lost in the last month [I lost 9lb]. Walking is BRILLIANT for weight loss - low impact and free !!!

3, Strength training - this will increase your metabolic rate and muscle mass which means your body needs more cals to function and therefore will help you burn fat. I have done bodypump 3 x per week since mid January. The gains have been incredible both in weight loss and strength. Accessible via Les Mills on demand app and all you need is some basic weights and then you can improvise. Other good classes also available on the Les Mills on demand app.


4.Eat your carbs strategically around your workouts [if you are doing workouts/ walks] 1 portion before and 1 after is often what I have done - 30 mins after and 30 mins ahead of it or just before as suits. 1 portion = 15g - I often have fruit [raspberries, banana, blueberries] and afterwards a protein shake with 33g of cornflake Oat bran - as that is a slower release carb but you have to find what works for you. I throw chia seeds into one of my shakes in the day and also flax, goji berries, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds - just tablespoon.

Lifting Kettlebells
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