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Sleeping with Eye Mask

1. Try to make sure that you are getting enough sleep because sleep is key to weight loss - 7 hours plus - when I was recovering from being unwell, I was sleeping 9-11 hours most nights ! I am now back to a more normal 8-9 hours. You may find yourself needing bathroom visits during the night as your body uses fat for fuel as you sleep!


2. Minimise use of tablets/mobile devices/TV before bed [set a cut-off time] and remove phone from the bedroom.


3. Endeavour to avoid caffeine after lunch and opt for decaffeinated drinks to support this.


4. Keep alcohol consumption to absolute minimum and as far from bedtime as possible as is a major sleep disruptor as well as a liver loader which prevents your metabolism functioning properly.


5. Sleep hygiene - dim lights in the evening etc - plenty on internet about creating the best environment.

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