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1. Consider undertaking a DNA test with DNA fit or another provider to identify your sensitivities and responses. This has helped me tremendously.

• I am highly sensitive to refined carbs and also saturated fat.

• I have low metabolic response

• I have disposition towards stress related obesity and low appetite control.

• I have high response to HR [which means I need to be careful with HIIT

• I have strong response [good] to strength training [hence its introduction in January 2021 though strength training is very important for bone density and muscle mass].


3. Consider a gut microbiome test with Healthpath


4. Useful books:

  • Unlocking the Keto Code - Dr Stephen Gundry

  • The Obesity Code - Dr Jason Fung

  • The Plant Paradox - Dr Stephen Gundry

  • This Naked Mind - Annie Grace [learn how to control alcohol and change your relationship with it] 

  • Rushing Woman Syndrome - Dr Libby Weaver - brilliant overview of how how nervous system works

  • Accidentally Overweight - Dr Libby Weaver - talks through the 9 factors which often inhibit weight loss

  • Gut Balance Revolution - Dr Gerard Mullins - discusses the importance of gut balance to weight loss and overall health and how to improve your gut balance

  • Why we eat too much - Dr Andrew Jenkinson - covers why it isn’t just calories in and calories out and the complex issues that affect us

  • Why we sleep - Matthew Walker

  • It’s Not a Diet - Davinia Taylor

  • Change your Brain, Change your Body - Dr Daniel Amen 

  • The Glucose Revolution - Jessie Inchauspe [covers the impact particularly of carbohydrates on blood sugar and overall cellular health and 

  • Alcohol Explained 1 & 2 - William Porter

  • Alcohol Lied to Me - Craig Beck

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