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Stress Managment

Image by Elisa Ventur

1. Identify stress triggers. Your body is often “stressed” when you do not realise it. Rushing and too much multi tasking cause your cortisol levels to rise and you often have no idea that your body is responding in stress mode. Being stressed does not support weight loss and more over consistently high stress levels are likely to lead to chronic fatigue and burn out.


Try to pace and plan your day with sufficient breaks and breathing space to prevent your nervous system becoming overloaded. Exercising too hard too frequently also puts significant stress on your body and your nervous system. LISTEN to your BODY.


2. Incorporate mindfulness to reduce stress as stress will stop you losing weight was well. This could be meditation, journalling, relaxation and stretching classes, pilates, yoga Tai Chi. 

3. Consider other stress relief options such a therapeutic massage, use of a Spa, reflexology and essential oils.  There are so many options available to help alleviate stress.  Prioritising quality sleep is also important to allow the body and mind to replenish and recover.  

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